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These general conditions of sale govern all relations between JABON DE MALLORCA and its customers.

JABON DE MALLORCA may occasionally modify the terms of its own general conditions of sale, so it is recommended to read them periodically.

These potential changes are applicable from its publication on the web site, and will not be applied to contracts concluded beforehand.

Each purchase on the website is governed by the general conditions applicable on the date of the order. So before making any transaction, the customer declares to know and accepts, without reservations, the general conditions from the time they proceed to accept the purchase.

In the event that one or more provisions of these general conditions of sale are declared null or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining will not be affected in any way or modified.

The possible damage or harm that may occur to the goods once they have been made available to the purchaser shall be the responsibility of the buyer, except in cases of fraud, fault or negligence attributable to JABON DE MALLORCA.

2.Making an order

Orders will be made through the website:, that will remain operational every month of the year, 24 hours a day.

3.Order confirmation

Once the order is placed, JABON DE MALLORCA will confirm it by email, fax or postal mail. The sale will be finalized after the confirmation.

The order will not be processed until the customer has made full payment.

JABON DE MALLORCA reserves the right to not confirm an order for priced causes such as the shortage of the product, undeliverable or problems with orders.

4.Delivery of orders

Order deliveries will be made at the place specified at the time of ordering.

The products purchased to JABON DE MALLORCA will be sent to all of Spain as well as Central European countries.

When ordering, the customer agrees to sign the reception by the person making the delivery, where the customer can reflect any observations.

If the products are damaged or the order is not delivered fully, the customer has a two days period to proceed with the complaint via e-mail, postal mail to JABON DE MALLORCA Av. d’Asturies 28   07100 SOLLER SPAIN


Delivery times are those indicated in the offer.

These terms are understood as agreed for normal situations, so JABON DE MALLORCA declines to be responsible for delays in deliveries due to force majeure and any other facts that are reasonably out of control of JABON DE MALLORCA.

The delay in delivering the goods for any of the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph will not result in any compensation by JABON DE MALLORCA, nor entitle the buyer to terminate the contract of sale.


Sales prices are quoted in euros and include VAT.

Shipping costs, to be added to the total amount of the selected products, are charged to the buyer.

These expenses will be informed before confirming the order and completing the process.

JABON DE MALLORCA reserves the right to change prices at any time. In spite of this, it undertakes to apply the prices in force indicated on the website at the time of placing your order.

7.Payment method

Payment may be made in the following ways:

- Credit or debit card (Master card, Visa or Visa electron). Using this way of payment, your order will not be processed until payment has been authorized by your bank.

- Bank transfer to the account indicated at the moment of the order. The concept of the transfer shall contain the payment reference that will be indicated when ordering.

- PayPal.

  8.Product information

JABON DE MALLORCA Works only with raw materials taken from the valley area of Sóller, famous for the quality of its olive oil, following a rigorous quality control procedure.

Products are 100% natural without paraben and EDTA, no preservatives, no foaming agent, no synthetic perfume and without additives and palm oil.



Orders will be shipped within the limits of the available stock. In case of not having the product under order on stock, JABON DE MALLORCA shall send an email to the customer telling the time in which the order could be shipped.

In the case of unavailability in stock and the customer does not agree to the time limit communicated, the customer is entitled to request the return of the amount paid to be held within a maximum period of 10 days from the return request.


The customer is the beneficiary of the legal guarantee for possible hidden defects in products purchased to JABON DE MALLORCA.

The responsibility of JABON DE MALLORCA is limited to the obligation to replace, at no charge, defective products.

The warranty is void in the event that damages are caused as a result of lack of proper use.


Returns are only accepted in cases where the product presents an aspect or condition deteriorated accepting the removal of the goods in charge to JABON DE MALLORCA, through the carrier designated by it, and gives two options to the customer:

-         Replace the returned product by an identical one.

-         Reimburse the amount of the refunded item.


12.Order cancellations

In any case the cancellation of an order shall be permitted in cases of manufacturing on demand.

The cancellation of an order requires written consent of JABON DE MALLORCA, and, in any case, the minimum compensation to be received by JABON DE MALLORCA will be a 25% of the amount of the order.

13.Litigation and responsibilities

The competent Courts to resolve any question or dispute that may arise between the parties concerning the interpretation or performance of this contract are the ones to apply by law.